A jack-of-all-trades Discord bot.

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What is Melonian?

Melonian is a jack-of-all-trades Discord bot, made to suit your needs.

We're currently in the early stages of Melonian, but it can do a few cool tricks!

What can it do?

A few fun things

Not having a good day? Lighten up a bit and have some fun with RNG. That's what m!gay is for.
There's also m!idk, so you can make the bot question its life or something. View the code for fun commands on GitHub

gay command

Bring out the big guns.

Let's get serious with some serious commands. Melonian has a per-server config that all members with the Manage Server permission can manage. Simply type m!config.
Someone acting up? Want to give a nice gentle warning? Well, m!warn's got your back.
There's also m!kick, to kick out the bad guys. Trust me, it hurts. Duke Nukem-style.
And finally, m!getroleid, so that you can actually fill out the config 🤔

View the code for moderation commands on GitHub
config command

Who's using Melonian?

Here's the breakdown:


The people who develop this bot.


Original developer of Melonian, lead of the project. Also "CEO" at Melonz.


Lead Procrastinator and command handler writer


King - Vlad
Developer of GAwesomeBot ( and I help Melon when he needs it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Convinced yet?

If so, let's get started.

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