A jack-of-all-trades Discord bot.

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What is Melonian?

Melonian is a jack-of-all-trades Discord bot made in discord.js. It provides many commands, including:

Some fun stuff

Need to brighten up your mood? Try some Melonian commands!
As shown, there is m!gay, to check how "gai" someone is, m!8ball, to test if your question is true, and m!idk, to make Melonian question something.

View the code for fun commands on GitLab

gay command

Make some (virtual) money

Melonian has an economy system. It uses virtual South Korean Won (₩).
Use m!bal to check your current balance, use m!daily to claim your daily ₩ reward, or use m!give to give some of your money to another user.
There is also m!gamble, if you'd like to leave your money up to RNG.

View the code for economy commands on GitLab
config command

Moderate your server better

Melonian has the basic moderation commands you'd expect from a bot like this.
You must configure mod_role in m!config first before you can use these.
Use m!warn to warn a member who's being slightly naughty. m!warnings @user will get you a user's warning list, and m!removeWarning warning_id will remove a warning.
There is also the usual m!kick and m!ban commands.

View the code for moderation commands on GitLab
config command

Who's using Melonian? (and other data)

Here's the breakdown:

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